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Producing content has just gotten a whole lot better. If you have been sending files across the Internet or on USB/Firewire Drives and risking your sanity and job status you now have a secure high speed alternative. What is that? It's called jabNET™ and it is available from AboveNet. www.above.net

jabNET is a high-speed private network designed from the ground up for the media and content creation community. Ir\t connects the key industry sites providing super fast file transfers as well as live streaming and collaboration experiences unavailable today.

In the last 24 months lots of Internet based solutions have come on the scene. This list is extensive, some are better than others, all rely on the public Internet or some variation on that scheme to connect you and your business partner.

If you are screening by shipping files using hard drives or the public Internet you must check this out. Don't risk your valuable content over these non-secure solutions. jabNETis the secure and cost alternative to drives and the Internet.

jabNET offers the following key features:
  • Move files and share storage between locations
  • Expand rendering - through outside resources
  • Collaborate on any project
  • Editing Film, Video, Audio
  • EFX development and rendering
  • Color Correction
  • Live Video SD and HD
  • Connect any application or device using IP
  • Collaborate - share screens
  • Send content between creation points (Production)
  • Join diverse artistic teams (Post Production)

The list of members of the jabNET community is growing I think you owe it to your company and yourself to join this vital new service.


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